Marie Jem


Marie Jem is the author of the Crashing Waves series.  The characters in Marie's books will take you through every emotion you could possibly feel.  If you like romantic suspense novels with a twist of mystery, you have come to the right place.  May you wander through fiction to find the truth.  

Claire Morgan is a young, beautiful, and career oriented new graduate with a degree in healthcare.  Upon accepting a position at Downtown Memorial Hospital, she meets Dr. Alex Blake, who is a reconstructive plastic surgeon.  Claire is faced with difficult decisions, which involve her dark past. Her frequent nightmares are a constant reminder of the horrible events that cannot escape her memory. 
After breaking her own rules and dating someone from her workplace, Claire soon falls in love with Alex, only to find out that she is not the only one who carries a dark past. Dr. Blake has his own share of secrets he has withheld from her.   Unable to escape her anxiety and constant premonitions of impending sorrow, Claire feels as though she has embarked upon a roller coaster of life, which leaves her no choice other than her pursuit for lucidity.
Contemporary Romance; Romantic Suspense; Novella; & Romantic Mystery
This book contains adult content & sexual situations that is suitable for readers over the age of 17